Haute of Control ♡ A New Roleplay

Haute of Control ♡ A New Roleplay

"People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall."
"Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling." Alexis Neiers
"My dad invented cargo pants. He invented them." -- Ally Hilfiger
+ The Basics +
So this is a roleplay idea I wrote back in Feb 2014! It's basically like early 2000's reality tv meets Mean Girls meets NYC upper east end. But basically, it's a genuine /game/. It's based around a secret society of the Valley's finest girls; the celebrities, the socialites, and everyone in between. There will be a point system and a hierarchy which you will climb or fall from. I guess the best way to describe it is to read on!
Welcome to the Valley.
You've seen it before: the gorgeous people, the gorgeous houses, and all that gorgeous money. Where the privileged and wealthy frock and the parties are straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. It may all look like games and glamour, but when you enter the life of luxury, you enter the game to the top. The girls of the Valley are no strangers to that game. In fact, for the daring, an invitation to their secret society is a tabloid article away.
The Society of Darling's is California's best kept secret... and your only way to the top in this luxury town is to keep your head above water. It's a hierarchy of all the most influential girls in LA. Ruled by the Valley's socially elite-- celebrities, reality stars, daughters of Lawyers, former Wall Street wolves, celebrities, old money just for starters-- it's a game where no one stays on top for too long... even the game makers themselves. The mission is to keep your friends close and your enemies much closer.
So welcome to the club darling.
We've been craving some fresh meat.

Character List:

Audition Format:
♡ Name:
♡ Age:
♡ Faceclaim:
♡ The Basics ♡
♡Current town:
♡Astrological sign:
♡Relationship Status:
♡Favorite Color:
♡ About ♡
Top Three:

This Is The Life {Tv series story challenge}

This Is The Life {Tv series story challenge}

{ I need a better name but for now it will do }
Have you ever imagined how great life would be if you were living in your favourite tv series? What happens when you are transported into that show, all your previous memory removed and replaced with new ones, only thing that remains the same is your first name {also surname but not mandatory}. You are now someone's girlfriend or sister or part of a dark secret and you have to make tough decisions and nail biting choices.Now you're the star of the show, every episode is different now that you're part of it, new drama plot twists, love triangles and heart breaking season finale's.
Are you up for this?
Name surname, age
Name of tv series
Portrayed by
Friends& relationships
Biography{ remember your character is a main cast, so she has a past etc.. }
- collection
- wardrobe
- playlist
- story board
-mood board
~ Basic rules & info of this challenge ~
1. So you create your character, hopefully if we have enough members there will be a Contest
{ only for the fun, everyone that joins is included in the group, everyone can make and create their stories and sets. Remember this character can be anything you like, be creative!
2. You have to make a set for every episode& season of that series, remember to start at the beginning.
3. If you've finished the first season, make a collection with all the completed stories/sets and pm the mods so they can add the collection
4. When you finish your first season you can either continue to the next season or make a new character for another series that you love but try to finish the first season
5. Remember this isn't a role play group but you must write for every episode, portray your character and tell us the story of how she lives and how she evolves in the series.
6. After you made your Character you may start with the First episode etc.. You can finish this when you like, remember this is YOUR character and your story!
7. Submit your sets to the competitions if & no animations, movies or books. Only tv series!!
9. Character's love relationships and secrets you can change as you like, even add new characters but not an entire different cast?
10. ENJOY! this group is mainly for you to have fun!
11. You may do more than one show at a time BUT you have to be committed to them all, I don't want this group to be the pit of lost inspiration..
~ Finished Tv series Season 1~
{ Pm a mod when you've finished season 1 of your series}
More stuff will be coming

The Ultimate Roleplay List

The Ultimate Roleplay List

Hey, are you into roleplaying? Do you ever have trouble finding new or up and coming roleplays? Or are you trying to start a roleplay? But nobody has joined? TURL (The Ultimate Roleplay List) is the solution to all your problems. Just submit a set that says the name of your roleplay, a little bit about it, if there are any more roles available, and a link to the group! Let me repeat those: NAME OF RP / SHORT DESCRIPTION / LIST (OR NUMBER OF) AVAILABLE ROLES / LINK. Try to get all roleplayers to join this group, it should be really helpful. You can also submit sets alerting TURL members to new available roles in your group, or sets asking other members if they would like to start a roleplay with you. So, start reading and writing The Ultimate List!!!!!! I'll try to update the following list as soon as I see a set about a roleplay. And I'll organize it, too. :) I'm really excited about this, so get submitting! And tell the rest of the roleplayers!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
•If you want your roleplay added to TURL, send the link and the name of the roleplay to lysssa-michellee
•You also need to tell me what CATEGORY (Intern, High-Class, Other) it is.

Brand new Roleplays:

Boarding School Roleplays:

High School Roleplays:

Intern Roleplays:

Up and Coming Roleplays:

High-Class Roleplays:

Book Related Roleplays :
Movie/tv Related Roleplays:
SUPERNATURAL {{A Roleplay.}}


Model Roleplays:

University Roleplays:

Misc. Roleplays:

Advertise Your Roleplay

Advertise Your Roleplay

Got a roleplay that needs members? Need to be in a new roleplay? This group is for you.
**Note: Credit for the idea to "The Ultimate Roleplay List".**
Okay, heres what to do. PM one of the moderators to get your RP on here. Include name, link, and the info {bio thing}. We will then announce it on here. AND VWOILA! People can check out your roleplay and join it as they wish!
*Note: Most are celeb roleplays



“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” - Tony Morrison
“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of. ” - Joss Whedon
“Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open.” - Stephen King

* * *
Have you ever had the urge to write but didn't have a way to keep you motivated? Have you ever wanted constructive criticism but didn't have someone to provide that for you? Have you ever wanted to write and have people read your work?
Welcome to The Writer's Nook, a group aimed to provide all the writer's on this website with an friendly outlet for their writing. It's our intention here to be able to freely share our work whether it's a short story, some poems, novel, or a work-in-progress by either submitting to the group or by participating in contests.
The scariest moment is always just before you start (as said by Stephen King) and here at The Writer's Nook, we aim to help you out. All you have to do is say yes and press your fingertips to either the pen or the keys.


- Member Guidelines // By joining this group you agree to...
+ make this a safe environment for aspiring writers. this means we shall not put down any other members for who they are as a person or for what they write.
+ provide constructive criticism when needed or simply complement each other on what they've written.
+ keep an open mind. we understand that not everyone writes in the same point of view nor shares the same writing style. we shall appreciate each others differences.
+ not post irrelevant sets. please don't clutter this group with random sets or group advertisements. if you want us to advertise for you group, just ask one of the mods and we most likely will!
+ have fun. writing isn't meant to be torturous and neither is this group.

- Connect with the Group // Here is a collection of some of our member's work. (I shall try my best to keep this section constantly updated but please don't be mad if I'm a little behind.)
+ Novels //
+ Poems //
+ Novellas //

- Connect with the Staff // It's our goal to be more than just the people who run this group but someone you can feel comfortable asking for advice. You can either ask by directly PM-ing a mod on this website or by using our Ask account.
+ Rae //
+ Eliza //
+ Larissa //
+ Keziah //
+ Taylor //
>> Uncomfortable with directly messaging one of us? Here are two other resources you can use to ask us questions:

- Helpful Writing Blogs // Here are a list of various writing websites that provide helpful advice and tips:
+ F.uck Yeah Character Development-
+ Writer Chatter-
+ Writer's Friend-
+ Beating Writer's Bane-
+ It's a Writer Thing-
+ Writing Frenzies-
+ The Writers Helpers-
+ Total Rewriter-
+ Keyboard Smash Writers-
+ Yeah Write!

- Writing Blogs // Here are a list of various websites where you can post your work. (Some require you to post in forums though, I believe.):
+ Figment-
+ Writer's Digest-
+ Absolute Write-

this group was created june 27th, 2013 by little-miss-rae.
i'm just a soul whose intentions are good.



Tucked away in the grassy knolls of the quiet city of Salem, is a private university by the name of Roanoke College. It is the comfortable home of around 2,060 students, each one unique in their abilities and culture. Yet there is one specific trait a group of unacquainted young women share that holds true to the legend of Salem. Each are unaware of the powerful heritage that courses through their veins until one fateful night their paths cross.
Though with great power comes great responsibility, responsibility to conceal it from the world. Because believe it or not there are still suspicious murderers lurking in the shadows yearning to see a witch burn in front of the public eye much like their ancestors. The girls create a pact to protect one another at all costs, to protect their shared secret.
But not all magic is to help others. There is a dark side, a side that a few of them may find difficult to resist.

1. This is a HF roleplay, as well as a story related roleplay. Therefore if neither one of those apply to you, then it is highly likely that this group is not in your preference.
2. There will be monthly events considering each person's busy schedule, much like my own. But activeness is the key to keeping a group alive so there will be mandatory events.
3. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission, also tag everyone in each set you make for the group!
4. With that being said, it would be recommended to leave a comment. People work very hard on their stories and it kind of sucks to have no recognition. As for drama, keep it within the stories themselves.
5. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask me at any time because I will most likely have the answer!


coming soon....

☾ FULL NAME, AGE [ 18 - 24 ]
YEAR || [ freshman - senior ]
BIO ||
Social Media :
Closet :
Storyboard :
Moodboard :

created by @whiteshvdows on 18|04|17.
Inspired by Practical Magic, The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, The Covenant, and Hocus Pocus.



Do you love creating characters, developing intricate backstories and providing detailed traits of these characters, along with the people they've affected in their lives? Do you love imagining the heartache these characters have gone through and plan endless nights on how their past behavior has developed their current self? Have you ever thought of one important scene this character will have gone through and itch at the thought of writing it out that you've stopped all responsibility until these ideas were out of your head? Have you ever lost sleep over a dramatic backstory or future conflict that could change that character's life?
And then do you suddenly lose interest in these characters after you've planned out everything you could? Or do you immediately have more ideas about a different character, completely separate from the others, and want to write an entire world for them too?
Welcome to AMTIM where you're given different scenarios every so often and you have to build new and creative characters to match the storyline. Writing additional day-to-day stories for these characters is a bonus—but creating characters with complex backgrounds and unique tidbits: that's the real fun of this group! Best thing is, after a new story is given, you can scrap your old character unless you want to continue writing for them—it's up to you!
The purpose of this group is to constantly challenge the mind on different ways you can make a story for someone. Only thing is—you CAN'T use the same character faceclaims OR mannerisms OR backgrounds OR locations, etc. This group doesn't focus too much on the stories as it does the plotting. You have to really push yourselves to be individual and still manifest a cohesive character with their respective storyline!
Instead of having to write for your character, you only need to make 3 sets for each storyline:
To keep things fun, you can create additional sets for your characters:
1. Instagram updates
2. Stories
3. Moodboards
4. Playlists
1. Profile sets explain your character’s history, personality, quirks and other basic information that relates to the storyline, as well as listing important characters
2. Plotting sets are ESSENTIAL and must be completed—the storylines that will be provided rely heavily on personal relationships. After creating your profile set, plot all your characters’ storylines and how they relate to your character. What is happening/going to happen to Person A? Did Person C find out about Person B’s secret? How did Person D cope with Person E’s death? How did Person F become jaded? How did they all meet or get along?
3. Most, if not all, storylines do not require involving other user’s characters, but you can assume they are in the same universe and are free to plot with their characters as well.
1. You can write as many characters as you want for each prompt, but you must finish all requirements of each character before you move on to the next.
2. You cannot re-use faceclaims, background stories, mannerisms, locations, etc. Be creative!
3. This is a high-fashion “roleplay” group. High fashion sets only. When making a set, think about your characters’ sense of style and use items based on what they would wear!
4. Diversity is HIGHLY recommended and undeniably appreciated, for majority of your characters! If you have trouble looking for POC faceclaims, please refer to my Models of Color group or the modelsofcolor tumblr page!
5. No monthly events! Instead, there will be “prompts” given every so often so you can start creating new characters.
6. As long as you have created at least one character per prompt, I consider you active. If you would like to leave the group/taglist, please let me know!
7. Please comment on each other’s sets! It’s exciting and time-consuming to create all these different worlds and it would be great to have others appreciate the effort given :)
8. Please tag me @piratevampiresuperjoyce and everyone in the taglist only when you are finished with each requirement.
9. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! This is a little different from the storyriting RPs that we’re all used to!


☆ First Middle Last Name
Birthday // Age // Sign

☆ Faceclaim //

☆ Song that describes character //
☆ Quote/lyric that describes character //
☆ Favorite Memory //
☆ Personality //
☆ Likes //
☆ Dislikes //
☆ Quirks/Habits //
☆ Backstory //
☆ List of Family //
☆ List of Important People //
Extra(s) //
★ @piratevampiresuperjoyce ☆ @kkerry ★ @ezmeerose ☆ @spacelava ★ @sarahstardom ☆ @young-grasshopper ★ @georgia-la-la ☆ @e-ureka ★ @chrissykinz

Created by Jo on March 14, 2017.



Welcome to ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS, a reliable and fun source for you to find the hottest new role-plays or advertise one of your own.
ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS is a group in which we keep the roleplay community informed on the latest and greatest roleplays and inspire people to be involved in creating an amazing roleplay right here on Polyvore.
R U L E S //
* Don't submit sets that aren't high fashion role-play sets. This is a strictly high fashion role-play only advertising group. Any sets related to Disney or site-model role-playing will be removed from the group along with corresponding members who submitted them.
* Participate! Compete in contests and let me know if you opened a new role-play group so we can advertise it and add it to the list!
* Don't be upset with me if I'm late advertising or because I don't advertise your group. I'm very busy so please be patient.
* Be polite and patient
* If you'd like to have your role-play listed into the group please let me know via private message by messaging me (@mademoibelle). I will be updating the group as frequently as possible to make sure you find a group that fits your wishes. Please PM me for comments, complaints, or a chance to find a roleplay that fits you.
I M P O R T A N T S Y M B O L S:
+ : This means that the roleplay is accepting try-outs
- : This means they aren't accepting try-outs
º : No longer an active roleplay.
N E W & U P - A N D - C O M I N G R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that have come out within the past couple of months with really cool concepts that are in the opening stage.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
S O C I A L I T E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that involve a plot such as rich teens or adults living their wild and drama filled lives.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C O L L E G E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are about going away to college and finding your way!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C A R E E R R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are for those looking to play an adult character without having it all who are paving their own path.
M O V I E S , T V S H O W S, B O O K S, E T C. I N S P I R E D R O L E - P L A Y S:
* As titled, these role-plays are inspired by movies, shows, books, and more!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
M I S C. R O L E P L A Y S:
* Anything that doesn't fall under the other categories goes here!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
E X I T L I N K S:
♔ Roleplay Temp Agency -
♔ Models & Mojitos -
♔ Roleplay Inspiration -
♔ Elite Roleplay List -
R O L E P L A Y A D V I C E:
If you need advice on roleplay events or creating roleplays please feel free to ask! You can ask if your idea has already been done or just anything. Just PM @mademoibelle

© Been going strong since 2010.
Created by @mademoibelle

The Staff Room.

The Staff Room.

St Marks Academy, Massachusetts. A school renowned across the country, known for it's high results with most, if not all alumni ending up at an ivy league university, it's excellent teaching staff and it's wealth. A school without a tarnished reputation... well until now. It was reported that the body of a senior student was found on in the schools expansive library on Monday the 6th of February. It was revealed later that it was the body of senior student Alexander Montgomery (the youngest son of the Montgomery empire). No further information has been found yet as investigations are under way. It has been said that this is very complicated matter and the investigations are expansive. The public is asked to leave the Montgomery family alone while they are grieving.

This roleplay focuses on the lives off the teaching staff of St Marks Academy and their messy dramatic lives , as well as their role in the murder of Alexander Montgomery.

✸ All your normal rp rules, no godmodding , no text talk (unless it is an actual text in which case i guess go for it.), no god modding, no drama outside of the group - treat everyone with respect.

✸ This is a story roleplay. You can write in whatever POV you prefer. I am not expecting novel length stories - just a decent length.

✸ No perfect characters. Write interesting characters who are flawed and complex - but most of all make a character that you are inspired and want to write for.

✸ Okay so i am not a really pushy mod when it comes to activity. I would prefer atleast a story a month but obviously more is better.

✸That been said if you can't write for a long peroid or just feel you have to drop out off the group please let me know.

✸I am not really strict on types of Faceclaim's you can use, models, actors /actresses, bloggers, musicians - whatever it's upto you as long as it is an age appropriate choice . I prefer no site models though!

✸ Diversity in model choices is encouraged.

✸Please comment and read each other's stories! i know how much effort everyone put's in so the least we can do is read each others work.

✸ This group will deal with more adult situations so i would ask you to put appropriate warnings for your stories and if you really feel uncomfortable such situations don't join.
Age :
Birthday :
Hometown :
Face Claim :
Personality :
Quirks /Hobbies/ Mannerism :
Bio :
Position :
Important Relationship :
Taken: @/Username
Other :
(tidbits or information you want to add or mention. this is OPTIONAL)
Top Three (Just incase someone auditions for the same character)
Optional :
▸Five Facts
▸ How To Write Collection
▸Social Media

Just the Audition

Just the Audition

"Just like the top of a muffin, creating a character is the best part of a roleplay."-me, Ingle after a glass of wine and certain Seinfeld episode.
What is Just the Audition you ask? Well it's just what it sounds like! Every week there will be a contest where you create a new unique character and every week there will be a new winner that will take over the group. Each winner gets to become the mod for a week, create a new contest, then pick a winner who will then be the new mod.
What beautiful cycle, am I right?
Think of the variety of characters you will create! One week you could be making a Hogwarts student, then the next week you could be make a fashion blogger or a mafia boss. The possibilities are endless and there is no pressure or obligation to write for event prompts.
::Mod Guidelines::
-Being a mod is purely based on the honor system. It would be so lame to abuse that power.
----When you've picked your winner, you make the winner a mod, then leave the group and rejoin so you are no longer a mod and can join in the fun again.
----Don't get into a cycle where you pick your friends and they pick you, that would be lame and would ruin the fun.
-Be creative with your contest idea. Think of a roleplay that you would actually want to be in and roll with it.
----You are in charge of what audition format you want to use, but please no story requirements and do not force the members to use a template.
----Make a sample audition before you make a contest and make it the example set in the contest description box.
----Contests are one week and one week only.
-Please don't change anything in this description box, except for...
-Sign your name in the list below to show you were the hbic for a little bit!
::Mods of Past Lore::
@ingle - I founded this group on love and wine, may it continue for many many moons and distract many many procrastinators.
@recklessbehavior - oh sheesh yall
@spacelava - We were supposed to write something about us here???
@bat-caitlin - trying my hardest to be a slightly decent mod and to not accidentally delete the group
@angeltomlinson - the one that only realized she was a mod after a whole day and almost forgot to publish the contest, almost.
@semper-eadem - is why we can't have nice things
@kalmialatifolia - the indecisive mod
@koby - maybe the happiest and laziest mod ever
@noceurs - tremble before my wrath puny humans
@neusex - lmao @ whoever thought it was a good idea to give me responsibility
@her-heart-attack - hm it's all nice and everything but i've realized i prefer taking part in contests rather than creating them :))
@antibiosis - this saved me from the boring that is mock revision
@threnodies - your obedient servant
@semper-eadem - this idiot again
@plein-de-vie - mod of the fifteenth moon
@jolieenrose - actual fairy princess♔
@ducktape - THE PARTAY DONT START to get nerdy and convoluted TIL I WALK IN
@pommepadour - my reign as mod coincided with my exams...
@the-modern-girls-handbook - it's been fun!
@vampirkaninchen - made a past that couldn't be ♥
@antibiosis - thank ye for having me
@theresascarlett - in a shocking twist of events
@ingle - came back with her trademark mediocrity 😘
@irtis - in a totally different time zone... also, my net fails in every 5 minutes
@chrissykinz - kept getting distracted
@theresascarlett - back at it again, and totally unprepared
@buffykdh - totally shocked but have way too many ideas to count
@decoder13 - moved slowly yet surely like a tiny turtle
@spacevici - I spent so long thinking of cool ideas in case I became a moderator, and now I am one and it STILL took me awhile to come up with something. Jeez, Lark, get your act together.
@athousandshadesofblue - I got the contest over Halloween and definitely didn't make it spooky enough :(
@trulydear can finally cross that one off the bucket list ;)
@sakuuya - I'm just so glad I finally got to subject you all to my pet genre~
@huntxr - My time has come as foretold in the prophecy! lol. <3
@enigmaticinvisiblezebra - I swear I will keep the legend alive! ::Flies off on an alicorn into the sun::
@theresascarlett - third time's the charm?
@spellbooks-and-wands-xo - I never thought this day would come.... and now I have no ideas for the contest
@silenceisgold - I'm sort of in a daze between 'how did I win this???' and 'LETS DO THIS EMMA'
@huntxr - Back at it again with another contest...
@hxmiltrxsh - Your friendly neighborhood music theater nerd